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Global Thriving at Work Awards 2024


Global Thriving at Work (TAW) Awards 2024


Entries are open for our inaugural Global Thriving at Work Awards. Members are encouraged to get your nominations in before 26 January 2024 to ensure your organisation is recognised for their innovation and good practice. 

The awards are open exclusively to MindForward Alliance Global members and regional chapter members.

The TAW Awards recognise our Member organisations who are outstanding in one of the five award categories outlined below. Entries opened on 27 September 2023 and will close on 26 January 2024.

Winners will be presented with awards at the 2024 MindForward Alliance Global Summit on 9 May 2024.


Five award categories


There are five award categories, each with their own criteria, aligned to the MindForward Alliance Thriving at Work Framework.

Promoting Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

This award recognises an employer who:

  • Embeds the mental health of their employees into their broader inclusion agenda
  • Provides access, support and education around mental health specific to the differing needs and contexts of diverse groups
  • Provides opportunities for safe spaces to hear experiences, perspective and needs from a range of different groups
  • Informs programme of work or introduces initiative to address specific needs or respond to a particular challenge for diverse groups.

Innovative Practice

The Innovative Practice Award will acknowledge a member who has:

  • Tried new ideas and methods for promoting workplace wellbeing
  • Shown evidence of overcoming organisational mental health challenges which are less commonly addressed
  • Made use of different platforms, technologies, resources and support frameworks.

Social Impact

The Social Impact Award seeks to celebrate a member who has:

  • Considered their influence beyond their organisation and used this in a positive way
  • Sought to create a positive impact on the broader wellbeing of the world around them
  • Embedded practices which support the wellbeing across their business ecosystem
  • Shown evidence of sharing their wellbeing expertise externally.


The Leadership Award celebrates exceptional leaders who:

  • Role-model wellbeing-centric behaviours in the workplace above and beyond the remit of
  • their role
  • Advocate for workplace wellbeing both in the workplace and externally across the business ecosystem
  • Prioritise the wellbeing of themselves and others within their organisation
  • Demonstrate a strategic approach to workplace wellbeing
  • Use their position to affect significant, positive change across their workplace and beyond

Early Careers 

The Early Careers Award recognises a member who:

  • Provides tailored and targeted support to Early Careers entrants, both in recruitment and induction/on-boarding
  • Shows consideration for the challenging mental health impact of touch points throughout the Early Careers lifecycle (e.g., exams, department rotations, exiting the programme) 
  • Shows an understanding of the complex landscape this population is navigating in the workplace
How to enter

How to enter

Members must submit entries to the awards within the specified time frame. The 2024 awards will be open between the 27 September 2023 and 26 January 2024. Entries can be submitted via the award link which will be emailed to all members. 
Contact us if you haven't received your link.

A supporting statement (of no more than 500 words for each) must be submitted per award category.

These global awards are exclusively open to MindForward Alliance members of any regional chapter.

Members may submit multiple entries and enter as many categories as they wish. Although the awards are open to all geographic regions, entries themselves do not have to be a global remit and can celebrate initiatives, teams and individuals in any local area.

A shortlist will be created by the MindForward Alliance CEO and the MindForward Alliance UK Head of Workplace Wellbeing. The shortlist will then be reviewed by a global committee of Board and Executive Team members.

Winners will be presented with awards at the 2024 Global Summit on 9 May 2024.