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Our training


Impactful, targeted training is a core component for building a mentally healthy workplace

At MindForward Alliance, we draw on over a decade’s worth of experience driving advances in workplace wellbeing to design training that will help your people and your business to thrive.

Don't settle for a 'one size fits all' approach

We understand that different employee groups will have different needs and hold different responsibilities. Our training is carefully designed to be appropriate and relevant to your people - from our Executive Masterclass that’s tailored to senior leadership teams, to our popular line manager course; from our essential mental health awareness training to specific courses for people in their early careers; or even sessions focused on understanding specific subjects (e.g. neurodiversity).

We recognise that every business is different, so our team of training specialists listen to the specific needs of your organisation and work to curate a bespoke learning programme for you. It will be one which not only reflects your business culture, values and language, but is laser focused on meeting your objectives.

Take a look at our range of training courses , all of which can be adapted to meet your needs. Or you can download our Course Portfolio to browse later.

Our global offer

We can deliver our training globally. We are currently expanding our pool of Trainers to enable us to deliver the same high standard of training to your people - in person, and nuanced for the local environment and language. 

Or, if you want to roll out training to a large, global population, ask us about our Train the Trainer programme . We can skill up your people to deliver a customised training course, which can be adapted to local language and culture.

Looking for something bespoke?

If you don't find what you're looking for, just ask us   - we frequently create bespoke  webinars ,  fireside chat   and  panel events , training courses and more for our clients.

These events can provide an opportunity to drive forward engagement, putting forward the strong evidence proving the business case for investing in mental health, as well as creating an appetite for further training and skills development.

Read more about our bespoke events here .

We can also support you to develop your wellbeing strategy through, for example,  running focus group sessions   with specific cohorts of employees, following up with a report of finding and expert recommendations for next steps. 


Training that delivers results

Devised in collaboration with business leaders and mental health experts, our training programmes:

  • Create a culture of psychological safety through challenging stigma and increasing understanding of mental health;
  • Embed healthier ways of working by educating leaders and managers to play active roles in supporting the wellbeing of their teams, while maintaining boundaries
  • Improve mental health literacy so that your people are able to spot early warning signs of poor mental health and can confidently initiate conversations about mental wellbeing.

Our training is impactful: we know this because of the high ratings from attendees in our satisfaction surveys. Having worked with a wide range of organisations, at both a regional and international level, we are proud of our overwhelmingly positive client feedback.

84% of clients commission further training from us after an initial delivery.

Contact us to find out how we can meet your training needs. 


9.2 out of 10

Average score out of 10 - how likely are attendees to recommend our training